ein performatives projekt über wandel, auflösung und entstehung

Premiere: 20. September 19

transposition picture2.jpg


The project 2019 has been conceived out of the experiences in the last years to develop further the concept of German-French partnership project and performance summer school. Bilateral performance projects have been realized since 2012 by the theater initiative T-LAP with the kind support of Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Das Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk and since 2013 through the collaboration with THÉÂTR'ACTION/Bordeaux. The projects aim at promoting cultural and artistic exchange between German and French participants in an artistic framework.

The artist concept of »transposition« this year plays with the principles of construction and deconstruction. It is about changing realities which appear through trans-lating/trans-forming/trans-porting immaterial and material forms within the same space. The embodied vocabularies such as movement/dance and sound/speech will be met by architectural thinking, allowing the performers to be both creators of themselves and their environment in a constant process of »transposition«. The project will be further inspired by the philosophies of BAUHAUS and LABAN MOVEMENT STUDIES.

Jungyeon Kim, Ferenc Kréti / T-LAP Jürgen Genuit / THÉÂTR'ACTION/Bordeaux
Sulamith Bereiter, Jennifer Beutlich, Clément Corbiat, Karl Kiesel, Lorin Lugerth, Arthur Mandô, Ana Clarice Rodriges, Vincent Di Santo, Deborah Schmidt-Riese, Laura Velia